A corner to dream…

Have I mentioned that I am lucky?  Like – WHOA kinda lucky y’all.  Despite all the tough stuff that life throws my way, I have a roof over my head, a family that loves me, an AMAZING mister – it’s a pretty sweet deal.

And under that roof is a tiny little room (emphasis on tiny) that is all mine – my very own corner to dream in.  When we moved into the house, the mister and I decided that we would each get a room of our own – one that we could use however we wanted, and decorate to our own tastes – no spousal vetoes allowed.  Unsurprisingly, the mister converted his into a gym (soon to be decorated as a shrine tribute to his favorite college sports team).  I decided to make mine a craft room/art studio.  So I loaded all my crafty stuff in there, and there it sat – for a YEAR.  To be honest, I just didn’t feel inspired in the space.  It just felt small…and cramped…and, well, boring.

*As a sidenote, I also don’t feel inspired in the mister’s room, but hey, it’s a GYM, so that’s to be expected, lol.

So, I decided to change that.  I am overhauling that space, and it is gonna be beautiful, inspiring, and girly-as-all-get-out.  Think pink…and gold…and glitter.  It should go without saying that I am totally rocking that “no spousal vetoes” thing. There is, however, a catch.  Money.  #guessishouldnixtheliveinunicorn #no24ktgolddeskforme

My budget for this entire room is – are you ready – $100 bucks.  For everything.  New furniture, paint, accessories – it’s all fine as long as the total doesn’t top the century mark.  Gulp.

So the theme of this room will be re-purpose, re-use, re-cycle, and re-think.  Which is fine by me, because it’s a challenge – and I love me a good challenge.  Plus, it’s sure to yield a bunch of DIY projects for you guys.  Win-win, right?

I have been working on floor plans, as well as a mood board and a DIY light fixture which I am pretty darn excited about.  I can’t wait to share (so here’s a sneak peek of said light fixture in-progress because I am a child and have zero willpower, lol)

DCF 1.0

Till next time,


P.S. – That’s the thoroughly boring (and messy!) craft room in the background – you can see the need for an intervention, lol!


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